About Résumés & MORE! Consulting

Résumés & MORE! Consulting, LLC, is a New York-based company that provides résumé building, supportive coaching and consultation. Our services cater to individuals at any step of the career ladder, especially those creating new and exciting transition plans.

Résumés & MORE! Consulting Operates from these Core Values

Empowerment: Bringing your innate power into every interaction.

Self-Expression: Expanding, upgrading and unleashing the confidence to express your unique abilities with any interviewer.

Excitement: Shifting apathy and anxiety to eagerness and enthusiasm in a way that attracts others, particularly prospective employers.

Acknowledgement: Being known for your contributions to your family, community and humanity, perhaps for the first time ever.

The Top 3 Results our Clients Report:

  • Getting clear and focused and willing to take bold actions
  • Belief in their own worth as a contribution, not only to their field, but that’s bigger than they could have imagined
  • Résumés that professional recruiters and HR personnel are impressed with, that get interviews and the jobs they were meant to have

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