Master Blueprint Plan

Your 3 Month Master Blueprint Plan is just that – a thoroughly thought out plan for your future. Built from the ground up, your Plan empowers you to move forward with confidence, clarity and commitment. While this plan supports people at all stages of their career, it is a particularly good fit for Beginners new to the world of work, Mid-Career Shifters who are not clear about which direction to take and New Managers who want to become great managers.


Some of the Techniques We Will Utilize Include:


Self-Exploration – I will guide you to explore personal interests, talents, sense of purpose, work values and work skills through creative visualizations, spiritual techniques and traditional Assessment and Preference Inventories.  The results are used to develop an objective “picture” of your talents, skills and preferences.

Exploration of Possibilities – This part of the process takes the information identified during the Self-Exploration phase and directs our attention to the kinds of careers, education, avocations or “Second Acts” (for new retirees) that are in alignment with our findings.

Research – I will support you as you research career options through a variety of avenues, including online resources, networking and interviewing others who are doing what you want to do.

Blueprint for Action – Your job search is a project. Like any project, it must begin at the beginning, be managed with modifications and allow room for surprises for the best results possible. Together we will map out a step-by-step course of action that supports you in completing your project.

To learn more about designing a Master Blue Print plan specifically for you, contact me!