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Why Hire A Résumé Writer/Career Coach?

Most people, even those who are articulate, clever and educated, are not at ease talking about their talents and skills, and what they can contribute to a job, industry or community, let alone writing about it. Well I am; in fact, I enjoy it and I can empower you to enjoy it too!

No matter what level of experience, accomplishment or sophistication you have achieved, you can benefit from partnering with a Résumé Writer/Career Coach if…

  • You know you are ready to make a game-changing move in your career
  • You are a Beginner just out of school and ready to step into the world of work
  • You are a Mid-Career Shifter ready to move up in responsibility and authority
  • You are an Experienced Executive looking to make a lateral or even higher level career move
  • You are thinking about retirement and are at sea about how to plan your time without the structure of the work you have done for so many years
  • You are ready to leave your corporate career and bring your talents to the non-profit world
  • You know that you would benefit from being supported and guided through an exploration process that will help you make decisions about which direction to move into
  • You are a Social Worker in any of the stages I’ve already mentioned. Having been a social service manager for my entire career, I know the world of non-profits and I love working with Social Workers.

As your Coach, I offer what I call an “exquisite listening” that creates a deep connection and a quiet space for us to come together with only YOU as the agenda. I ask questions that help you clarify your Goals, Talents, Interests, Work Values and finally, we create your Blueprint for Action.

I will walk you through thinking about and designing your Blueprint for career or other life transitions by providing personalized support, coaching and cheering as you cross the bridge from “I don’t know” to “I’m clear, I’m confident, and I’m excited about taking the perfect next steps for my life!” We’ll make course corrections as necessary, always keeping your destination in the cross-hairs.

Newly energized and inspired, you’ll feel that you are making a contribution to something bigger than yourself. My promise is that you will experience being heard and understood, that you can trust our connection and that you will get something spiritual, personal and professional out of our partnership.

The Top Three Results my Clients Report Are:

* Getting clear and focused and willing to take bold actions

* Belief in their own worth as a contribution, not only to their field, but that’s bigger than they could have imagined

* Résumés that professional recruiters and HR personnel are impressed with, that get interviews and the jobs they were meant to have

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