About Susan Shafer

“You will be exquisitely heard and understood as the unique person that you are and you will ‘get’ what you’re worth!”
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Susan Shafer

The Principal, Susan Shafer, is an LMSW and lifelong Social Service Manager. In her career, she has interviewed several hundred people during the process of developing innovative social service programs and providing support to replaced, terminated or moving-on staff.

Susan has always been interested in how people came to be applying for a particular job, and she often saw that there was a gap between their passion for making a difference and the way that their résumé represented them. While conducting interviews, she would have to restrain herself from offering to completely re-write the entire résumé. She did, however, find herself turning their résumé around on the desk so they could follow along as she suggested changes that would have it look better and be clearer. She loved the look on their faces and the “thank you” she received as she pointed out simple fix-its.

As Susan refined her skills, she integrated her natural writing and listening talents and her extensive spiritual and self-development training into Résumés and MORE! Consulting.

Professional History:

As a Social Work Manager, Susan was trained to support people in developing their best work. Later on, as a personal development coach for seminars at Landmark Education, a global educational company that brought the conversation for transformation to the mainstream, her coaching skills became world-class.

In addition to being a New York State Licensed Master of Social Work and having a MS in Dance Therapy, Susan holds a Management Certificate from Columbia University’s Executive Training Program and she enhanced her Career Coaching Skills by obtaining a Certificate from the NYU School of Continuing and Professional Studies Certificate Program in Career Development and Management.

She is a member of the National Résumé Writers Association.

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