Michael Stoller (Chief of Government and External Affairs at the Jewish Association Serving the Aging (JASA)…)

Susan did more than help me construct a new resume. She guided me and traveled with me on my life/career path from confusion to clarity — and a great new job! Her insight, humor, and “tough love” were invaluable.

Martha Valenzuela, Artist/Teacher

Susan was instrumental in bringing into focus my various goals while immediately aiding me to find a way to generate income. This helped me pay for my art studio. She was also very helpful in writing my resume which allowed me to apply for my dream job. Through conversations with her, my priorities came to light and I realized what I needed to focus on. Her energy, her enthusiasm, and her skills made for a very effective approach.

April Castoldi-Assistant Clinic Director, Off-Site Coordinator at Iona College

Before I started working with Susan, I had a dream of shifting my working life so that I could play a leadership role in my field. During the time I was receiving Susan’s coaching, I applied for a position and received an offer for just the kind of work I was looking for! With her guidance, I’ve also been able to more clearly articulate many of my creative dreams and have distinguished the first steps toward realizing them. In addition, Susan listened to me at a deep level, and from the beginning, I felt she knew and appreciated who I am and what I offer others. She is insightful and compassionate, and the way she acknowledged my accomplishments helped me regain momentum and inspiration when I was feeling discouraged. I expect to work with her again in the future!

Andrea Dorosh- MSW Intern, USC School of Social Work

Prior to meeting with Susan, I was rather overwhelmed and intimidated by the job searching process, yet with her guidance and thoughtful input, I find myself prepared and excited for this new chapter in my life. Thank you Susan!

Abiola Roach- Executive Administrative Assistant

I was recommended to Susan by a friend, and I had an amazing experience. She asked the right questions to get to heart of what I wanted to do with my career. Things that I haven’t taught about as an accomplishment during my career path she helped me understand and embrace them. The end result I was able to focus on what would make me happy and how grow in my new position. I have started a new job and was promoted within a month, and I give credit to Susan for all of our phone sessions.

Keith Pollack- Hospitality Professional

Susan and I worked together many years ago when coached and managed a Leadership Program at Landmark Education. We stayed in touch and in 2012 she assisted me in transforming my LinkedIn profile. We adjusted a few minor details, and now, my profile comes up in searches more then ever before. On a weekly basis my profile is seen 200% more than before. She has an eye for details and not only that, she listens and helps you develop your own ideas on how you want to look professionally.

Jen Schultz, Enlightening Teacher + Empowerment Coach (NYC)

Susan was a breath of fresh air. What I got was much more than a resume, I got to work with someone who believed in my success. With grace and ease she is calming and supportive. Right after I worked with Susan I sent my resume out and got an amazing response from someone who was blown away by MY experience. I couldn’t believe it. It is because of Susan that I am more confident when speaking about my experience, background, and passion. Thanks Susan! Thanks Susan!

Virginia Lundy, Personal and Professional Development (Vancouver, British Columbia)

Susan worked with me on restructuring my resume and getting motivated and focused to start my own business as a Life Coach. I chose Susan because I had heard great things about her from colleagues and, after getting to know her, I trusted and respected her. She was patient and creative and held me accountable while I progressed through my business start up process. She is a very wise woman and I recommend her highly.

Narja McElroy, “Student Affairs, Community Relations, and Mental Health/Disabilities Professional”

I absolutely love Susan. Before I met Susan, I was overwhelmed with the task of beginning the job search and frustrated at trying to put together a great resume/cover letter. After I met Susan, she instilled in me the confidence to become organized and gain direction and insight to my own abilities that were always there. She assisted me in putting together a great resume and building my confidence to express my new direction and qualifications to anyone that may ask. Thank you Susan!

Caroline Rehill, Development and Human Rights Professional, Washington,DC

Susan is a career coach of acute knowledge and rather impressive people skills. She is amazingly perceptive in regards to a client. I was in a situation where my confidence was debilitated and any job prospect seemed way too far from reality. I truly felt like my resume was not going to get me anywhere. When I had my first meeting with Susan, I immediately saw that I was going to get the results I was looking for. She passed on to me the confidence I needed to keep going forward in my job hunt through her wise, kind, and understanding words. After finishing our project and looking at my new resume I was ready and confident that it now portrays who I am as a professional and as a person as well. I highly recommend Susan’s services and am so glad I was able to work with her.

Katherine Arnold LCSW, MSW, CSAC Licensed Clinical Social Worker, PA

Susan is a creative, detailed and reliable person who knows how to take an average resume and turn it into one that seems to come to life with the energy of the person she is writing it for. She helped me to see myself and present myself in a way that highlighted my unique talents and show- cased my achievements.

Lancelot Cameron — Customer Service/Sales Support Specialist, NYC

Needing to get back into the job market, I retained Susan’s expertise to revamp my resume. From the beginning Susan was very professional, executing on her promises. After our consultation, I had my new resume, which I was very pleased with, within a week. I was also pleased with the pricing structure Susan used.

John-Charles Toussaint — Continuous Business Improvement and Supply Chain Operations Expert and Principal at Toussaint Consulting,NYC

Susan and I have been associates for several years and I trust her high knowledge, integrity, ability to deliver on time, and the excellent coaching and results she provides ongoing. I highly recommend her as a Coach and Personal Advisor.

Miriam Colon, MSW, NORC Programs Manager at Isabella Geriatric Center, NYC

I have known Susan Shafer for approximately two years, during which time I have grown to respect and admire her not only for her professionalism, abilities and skills, but for her personal commitment to helping others succeed. Whether it be thru career coaching, resume building or collegial support, Susan can be counted on to strategically help individuals identify and maximize their own personal strengths and in this way empower them to pursue their professional/career/personal objectives.

I highly recommend Susan Shafer for any endeavor she chooses to embark upon knowing she will be a tremendous asset.

Regina Rossi-Lamothe, FL — Zumba Gold and Zumba Basic 1 Instructor at Zumba Fitness LLC

I have known Susan Shafer professionally for over 7 years now in the Human Service/Social Work Field. We were colleagues together and then became very good friends as well as I was her son’s camp director many years prior.

I hired Susan a few years ago to help me put together a resume. I had not updated my resume in over 8 years and I had no idea had to put together a well rounded, concise resume that truly showed my diversified talents and gave the essence of who I am. Susan was more than a resume writer, she was a wonderful coach who helped me tap into my strengths, qualities and so much more. She listened and really honed into what I knew about myself but could never write on paper. I was so impressed with the finished product. It was like no resume I had ever seen and as a former internship and volunteer coordinator, I have seen a lot of resumes.

I sent my resume out to one company after it was completed just to “test it out” and I received a call for a job and offer, to me that says it all.

I highly recommend Susan Shafer, she professional, articulate and creative. She is more than a writer, she is the best coach for you to get what you want for yourself in your career or life.

Pamela Navon Education and Healthcare Sales and Account Management, NYC

Susan touched my life in a very unexpected way and her coaching has forever changed my view of myself and all I seek to achieve. Her knowledge, her experience and her insightful and gentle guidance helped me focus my energies and efforts towards my goals. I will be forever grateful for all she has done for me.

Jill Cheathem, DIVA Travel, Great Neck, NY

Before I started coaching with Susan, my outlook on life was quite dim. A dead end job, unfulfilling relationships, both personal and business. I so desperately needed a change of direction and a breakthrough. Although the thought of change was there, it was there without vision, clarity and focus…Since I’ve been working with Susan, my attitude has changed tremendously for the better. I’m much more focused and committed to my goals, and have more energy than I can remember…Susan’s coaching is superb and she has really helped me conquer many obstacles that were in my way. We start with a tiny piece of the puzzle and build from there, and by the end of our session, we’ve created a breakthrough. My attitude now….. think BIG, be BOLD, take ACTION = Results! While I am still a work in progress, I now know that I’m on the right road. Thank you, Susan.

Judy Natkins- Landmark – Relationship Seminar

I want to share my acknowledgment of Susan with the whole group: I am in awe of your coaching abilities – you get right to the crux of the matter with warmth and sensitivity! And I love your sense of humor too! And you are a fabulous writer – I am always inspired by your insights!

Abiola Davis Executive Receptionist / Administrative Assistant at Young and Rubicam, NYC

I was recommended to Susan by a friend, and I had an amazing experience. She asked the right questions to get to heart of what I wanted to do with my career. Things that I haven’t thought about as an accomplishment during my career path she helped me understand and embrace. The end result was that I was able to focus on what would make me happy and how to grow in my new position. I have started a new job and was promoted within a month, and I give credit to Susan for all of our phone sessions.